P 52 Mustangs

Just thought i would show a couple of planes I finished for a commission. They are both P52 Mustangs from the 2nd world war. Both have been heavily weathered with oil paints to create streaks of dirt and grime. Paint chipping was achieved with a sponge and a very dark brown followed by adding a… Continue reading P 52 Mustangs

Dropzone Commander

Some Dropzone Commander for you today. This was a recently finished commission. Been stuck at the back of the queue for a while but now finished. Painted in US military green then airbrushed and weathered with oil washes and sponge chipping. First applied with a dark panzer grey then red leather and orange gently stippled… Continue reading Dropzone Commander

A schizophrenic’s guide to cooking Part 8

Good Morning everyone, apologies for no cooking guides yesterday but i've working on a couple of painting commissions. How are you all bearing up under the strain of quarantine?I think the important thing is to keep busy and occupied. Between the blog and commissions i am managing so far. But in the back of my… Continue reading A schizophrenic’s guide to cooking Part 8

A Schizophrenic’s guide to Cooking Part 6

Hallo team, I hope everyone is having a relaxing and therapeutic day. Or if you're working from home that you had a productive and useful day. I have personally taken the former of these options including an after lunch siesta! How is everyone coping with this period of isolation? Let me know in the comments… Continue reading A Schizophrenic’s guide to Cooking Part 6

All that remains

Cardinal hair in the wind whips across my face, fulfilling and wounding in equal measure. With prior knowledge I know the twin sisters of affection coursing through my veins carry the sickening inevitability of repetition. Impotent to fight it. Too soon to be in that same place with the same daemons screaming in my ears.… Continue reading All that remains

A Schizophrenic’s Guide to Cooking Part 4

Healthy home-made Hummus Goooooood afternoon team, I hope you are all doing well and finding fun ways to get through this period of confinement. Maybe you could suggest a few in the comments below? It's been a bright, breezy and sunny morning here in North London, perfect for a nice long walk. Not being able… Continue reading A Schizophrenic’s Guide to Cooking Part 4

A Schizophrenic’s Guide to Cooking Part 3

Pan fried Salmon with Zucchini Spaghetti Bell Pepper and Mash Good morning team, I hope you all slept well and are feeling suitably refreshed and invigorated. Strange span of emotions for me this overcast and cloudy morning. Desperate for nicotine but can't get out of the house to buy juice for the vape. Some is… Continue reading A Schizophrenic’s Guide to Cooking Part 3