4 comments on “Wargames, from Airfix to Wyrd

  1. Malifaux has a VASSAL module that would allow you to play the game online with someone else. VASSAL and the module are both free, and Wyrd blessed the module, and from everything I’ve seen it’s beautiful. There should be a section on the Wyrd boards regarding the module, including a way to find opponents, and my bet is that someone would love to run an intro game or three for you.

    • Wow, please forgive the grammar there…. Apparently I was so excited to tell you that that a run on sentence was the only way to do it!

  2. I’ll get over there and download it now, thanks for the tip. Don’t worry about the grammar. It usually takes me a few days of rereading an article to notice and sort the grammar and punctuation errors!!

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