2 comments on “Got wood? or..A quick way to paint wood grain

  1. An excellent tutorial. I am starting out with airbrushing and this will come in handy. It also seems to be a good beginners project, as a slightly uneven line will only add to the realism. If you scale the effect down, is there something one has to keep in mind? Do I have to wokr on one panel at a time and mask off other parts of the model?

    • Hi there, scaling down I lower the psi to about 15-20. The strikes have to be fairly quick to avoid pooling. Keep turning off the paint to let the air dry the model. I don’t really do that much masking as Tend to do most of the airbrush work before fine detail. But if you do I would advise removing a bit of the ‘stickiness’ from the tape by restocking it a few times on your hand. Get onto twitter where there’s a fantastic community of people around 24/7

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