Cellophane flowers

LSDTotally spaced out and hypo at the moment. my eyes burn with energy. Silken strands cover my fingers. Sometimes it feels like microfibre  spider webs cover my hands and I cant get rid of them. They wisp and slide across my fingers The keyboard looks like each key is a polyhedral jewel confusing,  enticing  and entrancing me. The space key falls away  I see people, animals sitting just out of my field of vision, the light dances and refracts confusing my eyes. Images on the computer seem to dance and sway. When I hear water or a household appliance my brain hears music. My chair feels like its wobbling and unstable but when I make a check its totally solid.

I didn’t sleep last night. I sat up on the lap-top planning the re-launch of Workbench Warriors; calculating the prices so they seemed fair and gave me an even income per hour (not easy by the way) Getting new medication has its ups and downs. And the visual and aural hallucinations are quite fun for a couple of days I think I need to go Back the Psychiatrist, I hope I don’t get ECT again. I feel so nauseous after.  But it is one the best ways to get out of a depression spiral. I’m sure this feeling is from the ‘Sertraline’ its specifically for Schizophrenia. what meds do you all take ? please post a reply. I take Lithium, Depacote, Olnzapine and Diazapam.

If you’re feeling bad at the moment I send a big virtual hug and there are bad days but there also good days

Big love



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