A Schizophrenic’s Guide to Cooking Part 3

Pan fried Salmon with Zucchini Spaghetti Bell Pepper and Mash

Good morning team, I hope you all slept well and are feeling suitably refreshed and invigorated. Strange span of emotions for me this overcast and cloudy morning. Desperate for nicotine but can’t get out of the house to buy juice for the vape. Some is arriving by post maybe Wednesday so not too long to wait. My mind has been lingering in Spain where I spent the last year. She left, of course, as they all do. This demon that resides within is too much for anyone, including me, to live with. At the beginning we helped each through this breakup but now nothing, no contact. Just the silent static that burns through my ears every day. An orchestra of crickets every evening and the perfect still of the night. Added to that this confinement of isolation. Strange times that we live in.

Spaghetti maker

But away with such matters and gird your loins mes enfants for we have food awaiting us in the warm bosom of the kitchen. Let me lead you back there where today we will be preparing Salmon with Zucchini/courgette spaghetti, mash and Bell Peppers. Fear not gentle reader, for I will demonstrate just how simple this recipe is. So, as the title suggests we need salmon fillets, potato and a little fish stock (ask your fishmonger for some of the bones), red bell peppers and a couple of medium sized zucchini. First up then we need to remove the pin bones from the salmon. These are little vertical bones that just protrude from the upper surface. Brush your hand across this area of the fillet and their location should be clear. I keep a little pair of pliers in the kitchen for precisely this task of pulling them out. For the spaghetti you’ll need a cheap Vegetable Spaghetti Maker. Just like the one above which only costs around seven or eight Pounds. You have to twist the zucchini into it and out comes spaghetti. It takes literally a minute in boiling water or steam to be ready to serve. I like to pan fry the salmon but for a slightly healthier option one could grill it. I would certainly grill the peppers till the skin starts burning and can be easily peeled off. This is then finely sliced. To serve then, put some of the soft mash in the centre of the plate, Pop the salmon on top with spaghetti to each side. Then to finish scatter the bell pepper slices over the top. And that’s it quick, easy and delicious.

So that will do us for this recipe. There will be another later in the day, Home-made healthy Hummus and a surprise recipe too, so don’t forget to subscribe for notifications. Please comment to let me know the type of recipes you’d like to see here.

Stay safe and go wash your hands. I’ll be checking to see that you did!

Big love


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