A Schizophrenic’s guide to Cooking Part 5

Gooooood Moooorning Team,

I trust that we all slept well and feel ready to bathe new-born and naked in the unbridled joy of another day in captivity. There was a dark moment last night, the daemons clawed and reached for me and I thought I might be slipping inexorably toward a precipice but I was able to draw myself back from the brink just in time.

But away and be gone with such morose morbidity. While we settle into the loving embrace of isolation the weather is getting warmer and our thoughts turn to the garden and possibly a bar-b-q? With that in mind we have an appointment with destiny and a refection of food to prepare. So take my hand now and I will guide you back to the heat of the kitchen. Doff your coat and hat, put on an apron and lets go.

Today we will be preparing Skewers/brochettes of Salmon and King prawns with new potatoes, sweetcorn and salad. Ingredients for this, for two people are: and couple of nice thick salmon fillets cut into 1 ½ inch squares, around 10 king prawns. A couple of sweet corn a good handful of new potatoes, a bell pepper and a red onion. You can swap in and out whatever bits and pieces you have in the fridge. Cherry tomatoes might be nice. The prawns need to be de-shelled leaving just the tail intact. Then make an incision so they can be flattened out. Then cut a few thick chunks of onion and bell pepper and thread them onto pre soaked wooden skewers. Put the sweetcorn and potatoes on to boil for around ten to twelve minutes and get the skewers onto the bar-b-q or under the grill for a few minutes turning as necessary. And that’s it. I like to serve it with some roughly torn iceberg lettuce drizzled in the best olive oil you have. Keep aside some of the leaves from the sweetcorn as an ostentatious little garnish to the dish.

I’ll leave you there for now my lovelies and I’ll back later for more fun and frolics in the kitchen. Maybe something a little more eastern? Let me know what you think in the comments below

Bye for now

Big love


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