A Schizophrenic’s Guide to Cooking Part 7

Good morning team! I hope everyone has washed their hands? good. Actually on that subject I’m getting very dry skin on the backs of my hands from all the washing. Can someone suggest a good moisturiser? Aside from that I’m well and reasonably stable at the moment. I hope everyone is coping with the enforced isolation. What is the biggest challenge for you during this bleak period? It’s also a perfect time to help others if you can. those who are less mobile than ourselves, with limited income in this period of no work. Many artists and self employed people have literally no money coming in.

Right then let us don our best cooking pants and apron and make our way down to the kitchen where today’s recipe awaits us. Today we will be making Pork loin with a satay sauce. Seeing as the sun is shining and its a balmy 22 degrees outside let’s serve it up with some salad. Ingredients first then: Juice of ½ a lime, 1 teaspoon clear honey, Tablespoon of soy sauce, tablespoon of curry powder, 3 tablespoons of crunchy Peanut Butter and ½ a tin of coconut milk. 250g pork loin or fillet. A couple more spoonfuls of Soy, mixed salad leaves and one spring onion.

Cut the pork loin into nice two-bite strips and dust it with Bi-carbonate of soda (this tenderises the meat a little) then marinate it in a little soy sauce and a spoonful of honey. Leave this for a few hours in a bowl or food bag in the fridge.

For the satay sauce get a bowl and mix everything up except the coconut milk till you have a thick paste. Transfer this to a saucepan and stir in the milk little by little and leave on the heat stirring occasionally till a good even gloopy consistency is achieved.

Heat some oil nice and hot in a frying pan or wok and add the pork and cook till there’s no blood when you cut it open. then at the last minute add enough sauce to coat the meat, leaving the rest for now and remove from the heat.

Arrange some of the salad leaves in the centre of the plate with some spring onion cut in diagonal slices. Pour a few pieces of pork onto the top and drizzle the remaining sauce onto the meat and around the plate.

And that is that. A delicious light lunch prepared in almost no time at all.

So mes amis, until we meet again

Please wash your hands and stay safe

Big love


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