A schizophrenic’s guide to cooking Part 8

Good Morning everyone, apologies for no cooking guides yesterday but i’ve working on a couple of painting commissions. How are you all bearing up under the strain of quarantine?I think the important thing is to keep busy and occupied. Between the blog and commissions i am managing so far. But in the back of my mind I can the feel the bluebird of happiness being gently edged aside by the chicken of depression. I have more anti-depressants arriving today so hopefully I can keep the chicken at bay for a while longer. during this stage period we are living in I keep thinking about the excellent board game Pandemic !! This is the first ever truly global Pandemic the world has ever faced!

But nothing can keep u from the kitchen of earthly delights and today to tickle the taste bus we will be preparing Salmon with Fennel, Apple and Walnuts. Ingredients first then for two people; A couple of salmon fillets, one large apple, one head of Fennel, a handful of walnuts ( slightly crushed), a spoonful of oil, zest of one lemon.

First off then remove the pin bones from the salmon and op it under the grill or on a baking try in the oven. Meanwhile de-core the apple and cut into slices. Cut the fennel into the thinnest slices possible. Put a spoonful of oil into a frying pan a sauce the fennel. when its cooked (soft but with a little crunch left add the apple and walnuts. A little salt and pepper to taste and remove from the heat. one the salmon is ready (about 10 minutes) place it in the middle of the plate and put some of the fennel and apple over the top. Combine the cooking juice from the salmon and fennel and bring back to the boil in the pan and spoon over the top. Grate a little lemon zest over the top and garnish with thinly cut slices of zest.

And that ‘mes enfants terribles’ is it. A light and refreshing way to serve up salmon. This recipe works really well with tuna or swordfish steaks too.

I will return later with more culinary frolics and fun but until then; wash your hands, please stay safe and happy eating

Big love


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