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I have been gaming and collecting toy soldiers for as long as I can remember. I started with a box of Airfix 1/72 scale Romans and World War 2 when I was about 6 and never really looked back. Earliest TV and movie memories were Star Wars, Blakes 7, Dr Who and the ill fated Ralf Bakshi Lord of the Rings movie. So I guess the seeds of my destruction were sown fairly early. I have gamed almost everything from historical; ancients to AK47 and fantasy; D & D to 40k. I also love board games and enjoy RPG style computer and console games. At the moment I seem to be concentrating on Infinity, Star Wars X-Wing, Saga and my latest project… Malifaux. I guess this blog, although started to chart out my journey into the world of Malifaux, will be an eclectic series of articles spanning my wide range of gaming interests. I hope you can join me on these adventures in gaming.


2 comments on “About me

  1. Hi Richard,

    I saw your Aquans tonight and they look incredible. I was wondering if you would commission yourself out to paint another Aquan fleet just like it. Please reply to wartoy2020@yahoo.com

    Thank you, Mike Gregson

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