Just a quick one then…

Hallo there all First of all a commission I recently finished for the Miniature War-game (MWG). They simply wanted 20 Space Wolf Bikers!!!Never one to shirk a challenge I accepted. They were easy to get started with airbrush which I also used to pick out the headlights. They wanted ¬†snow on the bases so I… Continue reading Just a quick one then…

WorkbenchWarriors are back in business

I have decided to start up commision painting again., From figures to maps and mats, motorcycle helmets etc

The Dice Bag Lady’s Web Store

  A bit of history Wales finally freed itself of the glaciers around 11,000 years ago and Mesolithic hunter gatherers began to migrate into the area over the next 1000 years. The post glacial rise in sea levels caused Great Britain to become isolated from the continent. Ireland and Wales became separated. As Britain become… Continue reading The Dice Bag Lady’s Web Store

Rosemary and Co Brushes

Hi thereI recently discovered Rosemary and Co brushes through friends in twitter and decided to give their products a go. I put in an order for 12 brushes across three of their ranges; Series 101 Pure Sable, Series 42 Pure Squirrel Hair, and Series 33 Kolinsky Sable.The order was placed in Monday late evening and… Continue reading Rosemary and Co Brushes

Getting started with Airbrushing Part 2

Hi there all So here we are at Part 2 of the Beginners guide to Airbrushing. In this part we will be looking at the basics of just getting a good even layer of paint onto your model. From mixing and thinning the paint to the real trick of airbrushing which is the juggling match… Continue reading Getting started with Airbrushing Part 2

Wargames, from Airfix to Wyrd

Hi there all, Today I'm going to look at some of the rule systems I have played and what, in my opinion, makes a good rule system. When I was about ten I started playing with toy soldiers and very soon after realised that some kind of system was required to govern or control and… Continue reading Wargames, from Airfix to Wyrd