P 52 Mustangs

Just thought i would show a couple of planes I finished for a commission. They are both P52 Mustangs from the 2nd world war. Both have been heavily weathered with oil paints to create streaks of dirt and grime. Paint chipping was achieved with a sponge and a very dark brown followed by adding a… Continue reading P 52 Mustangs

A Tribute to ‘Pets at Home

A few very fast sketch/paintings achieved yesterday and completed this morning. No idea why I did these but had seen the movie a couple of days earlier and these ideas were the first thing to come to mind when I picked up the paint brushes. My nephew is going to flip out when I give… Continue reading A Tribute to ‘Pets at Home

A trip through the studio

When I'm not teaching, painting miniatures for me or commissions or falling apart and too sedated to function I love to paint. Most of these paintings are of plants or nature studies. I love the outdoors and painting is one of the only moments of genuine peace for me. I am really ┬ánot sure how… Continue reading A trip through the studio

WorkbenchWarriors are back in business

I have decided to start up commision painting again., From figures to maps and mats, motorcycle helmets etc

Announcing the Rosemary & Co Workbench-Warriors brush-set

Hi there all Exciting news this week. I have been in discussion with Rosemary and Co Brushes over the last few weeks and we can now announce the Workbench Warriors Brush Set This set is an improved version of the wish list brush set I spoke about a couple of blogs ago. It consists of… Continue reading Announcing the Rosemary & Co Workbench-Warriors brush-set

Got wood? or..A quick way to paint wood grain

   Hi there So today we're back to more traditional territory with a quick article on how to paint wood grain. The examples here were painted onto a piece of 8" x8" MDF but could just as easily be reduced down slightly to fit on almost any model. Wooden steam tank? Titan? MDF buildings?The first… Continue reading Got wood? or..A quick way to paint wood grain

Painting Trollblood Mauler

  Hi there, It's been a few weeks since the last post. Pressure of work has kept me away!Over the last couple of weeks or so I have started to get interested in Privateer Press' Warmachine/hordes game. I have bought a Trollblood army and this week I have started painting it. I started with the… Continue reading Painting Trollblood Mauler

Repainting Star Wars X-Wing miniatures pt 2 The Imperial Remnant fleet

Hi there all, Bit of a delay between the last article and this one but what with moving house and having to set up the new man cave time has not been on my side. I've been playing a lot of the excellent Star Wars X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight games. I generally play Rebels… Continue reading Repainting Star Wars X-Wing miniatures pt 2 The Imperial Remnant fleet

Painting MDF Wild West buildings

Hi there, In the last few weeks I seem to have become embroiled in a mine dispute, a saloon bar brawl and several rather unnecessary killings. I have also been playing The rather excellent Dead Man's Hand Wild West skirmish game. With this in mind and the possibility of doubling their use with Malifaux I… Continue reading Painting MDF Wild West buildings