Just a quick one then…

Hallo there all First of all a commission I recently finished for the Miniature War-game (MWG). They simply wanted 20 Space Wolf Bikers!!!Never one to shirk a challenge I accepted. They were easy to get started with airbrush which I also used to pick out the headlights. They wanted ¬†snow on the bases so I… Continue reading Just a quick one then…

The Dice Bag Lady’s Web Store

  A bit of history Wales finally freed itself of the glaciers around 11,000 years ago and Mesolithic hunter gatherers began to migrate into the area over the next 1000 years. The post glacial rise in sea levels caused Great Britain to become isolated from the continent. Ireland and Wales became separated. As Britain become… Continue reading The Dice Bag Lady’s Web Store

X-Wing Space Mats

    Hi thereJust a quick post today showing the process shots of producing the two new mats I have done over the weekend (present perfect excusable there as the weekend is not over at the time of writing!) For both of these I had the Star Wars & Star Trek movies on for inspiration and freeze-framed… Continue reading X-Wing Space Mats

Repainting Star Wars X-Wing miniatures pt 2 The Imperial Remnant fleet

Hi there all, Bit of a delay between the last article and this one but what with moving house and having to set up the new man cave time has not been on my side. I've been playing a lot of the excellent Star Wars X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight games. I generally play Rebels… Continue reading Repainting Star Wars X-Wing miniatures pt 2 The Imperial Remnant fleet

“It’s a trap!”..or How I painted the Aquan Prime Fleet

Hi there all, I had planned to write today on how I paint flesh but... I didn't get time to finish the examples yet. I will have it for you by mid next week....so...today for your delectation is a mini article on how I painted up my Aquan Prime Fleet for Spartan Games' rather excellent… Continue reading “It’s a trap!”..or How I painted the Aquan Prime Fleet