WorkbenchWarriors are back in business

I have decided to start up commision painting again., From figures to maps and mats, motorcycle helmets etc

The Dice Bag Lady’s Web Store

  A bit of history Wales finally freed itself of the glaciers around 11,000 years ago and Mesolithic hunter gatherers began to migrate into the area over the next 1000 years. The post glacial rise in sea levels caused Great Britain to become isolated from the continent. Ireland and Wales became separated. As Britain become… Continue reading The Dice Bag Lady’s Web Store

Tale of Malifaux Gamers Part 4

Hi there all, So we're into the second month of ToMB and I get to buy some more models. My first batch of Gremlins are still at the same stage of painting as they were last week. Nearly there as you can see. Just details and a few layers of shading and highlighting to go.… Continue reading Tale of Malifaux Gamers Part 4

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Part 3

Hi all, Over the last week quite a bit of progress has been made towards getting my Gremlins battle-ready. I have made some initial strides towards getting the little green guys n gals painted up. All now have most of the main colours in place which leaves some highlighting, tidying and details to go. Should… Continue reading Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Part 3

The Rather Excellent Bendyboards Model Tray

Hi all, I recently attended Smogcon and met up with the crew of Lee and Mike. Thoroughly good people and, whether by their charm and salesmanship, my hobby spending weaknesses or the extreme excellence of their products I ended up going home with a wonderful Standard Bendyboard 3' x 3' table and a Model… Continue reading The Rather Excellent Bendyboards Model Tray

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Pt 0

Hi there, This then is part Zero of my Tale of Malifaux Bloggers contribution. The aim of the project is to get as many Malifauxers?Malifauxists Malifauxuns? to chart their progress through planning, painting and gaming with a new crews. As a complete newcomer to the game (one intro game as yet) I will be learning… Continue reading Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Pt 0