A Schizophrenic’s guide to cooking

Well, we have been talking about painting miniatures, proper paintings, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia and elements from My Life Story so far on this blog. While none of those categories by any means complete I thought it might be time to open the book on another passion of mine: Cooking

A Tribute to ‘Pets at Home

A few very fast sketch/paintings achieved yesterday and completed this morning. No idea why I did these but had seen the movie a couple of days earlier and these ideas were the first thing to come to mind when I picked up the paint brushes. My nephew is going to flip out when I give… Continue reading A Tribute to ‘Pets at Home

Kaleidoscope Eyes

Strange thoughts sitting up in my bed at three in the morning. The town sleeps and its noise is silenced. Even more so now than before. The populous sleeps while their shiny metal four wheeled gods lie still and quiet in the their driveways. They won't be going anywhere today. Bible black in my bedroom… Continue reading Kaleidoscope Eyes

A trip through the studio

When I'm not teaching, painting miniatures for me or commissions or falling apart and too sedated to function I love to paint. Most of these paintings are of plants or nature studies. I love the outdoors and painting is one of the only moments of genuine peace for me. I am really  not sure how… Continue reading A trip through the studio

The Ant Hill Mob, a Necromunda story

 THE ANT HILL MOB            The plasteel-walled metropolis loomed over the eastern bank of the river. Even this broad watercourse showed but a faint glimmering of reflected light, so dark was the night. The city's many massive gates were shut fast. Sentries from the Planetary Defence Force paced the outer walls,… Continue reading The Ant Hill Mob, a Necromunda story

Just a quick one then…

Hallo there all First of all a commission I recently finished for the Miniature War-game (MWG). They simply wanted 20 Space Wolf Bikers!!!Never one to shirk a challenge I accepted. They were easy to get started with airbrush which I also used to pick out the headlights. They wanted  snow on the bases so I… Continue reading Just a quick one then…