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A bit of history
Wales finally freed itself of the glaciers around 11,000 years ago and Mesolithic hunter gatherers began to migrate into the area over the next 1000 years. The post glacial rise in sea levels caused Great Britain to become isolated from the continent. Ireland and Wales became separated. As Britain become more and more heavily wooded movement between areas became more restricted and the nomadic peoples of the South Wales area became less nomadic and began farming, later becoming the Silures. The arrival of the Romans brought improved travel across Great Britain and the population resumed their nomadic tendencies.
Now one of the region’s most famous erstwhile residents, The Dice Bag Lady, finally returns from her peregrine wanderings to settle in Caerdydd. Already famed across the world for her excellent dice bags she has now opened a web store selling a range of gaming accessories. Marvellous!
This week I received a care package containing some of these products and in this article I will review these items.

The Review, or ‘First class solutions to first world problems’


Tape measure

First up is the Tape Measure. For years I have been playing wargames and there exists within all these games rules governing the movement of figures across the table. One of the perennial challenges facing any wargamer has been how to quantify these distances. Now we have a solution.  This clever device features a coiled steel ruler enclosed within an ergonomic and beautifully decorated case. The ruler can be extracted and pulled out to the required distance . An ingenious catch permits the  ruler to be locked in position and distances can be measured easily and accurately. Releasing the catch allows the ruler to retract back into the exquisitely crafted plastic housing. Brilliant!

Next up are…



When using a standard six sided die the presence of the little dots has always been a useful aid to counting. However there has always been the concern that the face showing the number six is frankly rather awkward to count requiring, as it does, more than the digits available on one hand. At last The Dice Bag Lady has come up with an alternative. She has cunningly  inserted an attractive and fun design of the famous Baggie logo on this erstwhile time-consuming surface. The result is a truly fun and original piece of gaming hardware. In a controlled scientific test the dice performed well and generated a random series of numbers from one to six. Outstanding!

After hours of testing I was ready for a beer and yet again the Dice Bag Lady has this covered…

image image

The Bottle Opener

Fitting snugly into the palm of the hand this ergonomic marvel is the answer to all your bottle opening needs. It works perfectly on all sizes of crown cap with no adjustment needed. Outstanding!

image image image


Also included in the care package was a refreshing packet of that ever popular dextrose based confection ‘Fizzers’ and a sealed plastic straw jam packed full of mysterious white powder which Annie calls Rainbow Dust!… I shall enjoy that later.. Wonderful! Rummaging in the deep recesses of the Dice Bag Lady’s box revealed more treasures. A neat little draw string bag, lovingly adorned with hand threaded beads, in which to store either the tape measure or bottle opener. These beads can be chosen from a wide range of colours to perfectly complement your dice, army, shoes, or handbag. As if that wasn’t enough there were four perfectly round pin badges to show your aliegence to the cause. Each pin is decorated with a glorious illustration taken from the life of Baggie, the Dice Bag Lady’s now iconic mascot.

All these products and many more, which are becoming available day by day, are now available  on the Dice Bag Lady’s new web do yourself a huge favour. Head over to and get yourself some glorious gaming goodies


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