X-Wing Space Mats

    Hi thereJust a quick post today showing the process shots of producing the two new mats I have done over the weekend (present perfect excusable there as the weekend is not over at the time of writing!) For both of these I had the Star Wars & Star Trek movies on for inspiration and freeze-framed… Continue reading X-Wing Space Mats

Getting started with Airbrushing Part 2

Hi there all So here we are at Part 2 of the Beginners guide to Airbrushing. In this part we will be looking at the basics of just getting a good even layer of paint onto your model. From mixing and thinning the paint to the real trick of airbrushing which is the juggling match… Continue reading Getting started with Airbrushing Part 2

Tale of Malifaux Gamers Part 4

Hi there all, So we're into the second month of ToMB and I get to buy some more models. My first batch of Gremlins are still at the same stage of painting as they were last week. Nearly there as you can see. Just details and a few layers of shading and highlighting to go.… Continue reading Tale of Malifaux Gamers Part 4

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Part 3

Hi all, Over the last week quite a bit of progress has been made towards getting my Gremlins battle-ready. I have made some initial strides towards getting the little green guys n gals painted up. All now have most of the main colours in place which leaves some highlighting, tidying and details to go. Should… Continue reading Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Part 3

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers post 2 … Painting Gracie

Hi there, So this blog will be Blog 2 in my Tale of Malifaux Bloggers and also a 'How I Done it' painting guide to some of the techniques I employed to Paint Gracie. My First Purchases were the Ophelia 'Born on the Bayou box and Gracie. First step was the assembly. Gracie, being plastic,… Continue reading Tale of Malifaux Bloggers post 2 … Painting Gracie

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Pt 0

Hi there, This then is part Zero of my Tale of Malifaux Bloggers contribution. The aim of the project is to get as many Malifauxers?Malifauxists Malifauxuns? to chart their progress through planning, painting and gaming with a new crews. As a complete newcomer to the game (one intro game as yet) I will be learning… Continue reading Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Pt 0

Wargames, from Airfix to Wyrd

Hi there all, Today I'm going to look at some of the rule systems I have played and what, in my opinion, makes a good rule system. When I was about ten I started playing with toy soldiers and very soon after realised that some kind of system was required to govern or control and… Continue reading Wargames, from Airfix to Wyrd

Decking over the Bayou bases

While still waiting for my Black Friday Wyrd Sale items to clear customs at Stanstead and arrive here I decided to get going on the bases. I read as much background material as possible on Malifaux and decided that I wanted my Ten Thunders and Outcasts to be based in a hideout located out in… Continue reading Decking over the Bayou bases